Getting the Most Out of ArcGIS for Desktop


Seminar Overview

Professional GIS users perform many tasks using ArcGIS for Desktop. They build geographical datasets, maps and analytical models to complete their work. But this only scratches the surface – users can leverage ArcGIS in many different ways. This seminar will focus on several workflows that desktop users can perform to get the most out of ArcGIS. For example, attendees will learn best practices for adding text to their maps using labels, the Maplex label engine, and add annotation. The seminar will then walk through the process of transforming ArcMap layouts into a series of printable mapbook pages. Finally, users will examine how to use temporal data to display layers over time.


Key Points

  • Working with labels, Maplex and annotation in ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Building map books with ArcGIS
  • Working with temporal data in ArcGIS


Intended Audience

This seminar is intended for new or experienced desktop users who want to learn more about how to maximize their use of ArcGIS for Desktop.



Presentation and demonstrations.






Click here to register for this workshop!



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